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Amy Scott, MSW, LISW

Amy Scott, MSW, LISW

Amy Scott has been working as a clinical social worker for over 13 years.  She completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree from Ball State University in 2001 and her Master of Social Work degree from University of Michigan in 2003.  Licensed as a clinical social worker since 2005, Amy enjoys working with individuals, couples, families, and groups on a wide variety of mental health and relational problems including; anxiety, depression, trauma, marriage and parenting, anger, bipolar and panic.  Amy has primarily concentrated her training and continued education on becoming a proficient practitioner for those who suffer from disorders of eating and body image including; anorexia, bulimia, orthorexia and compulsive overeating.  Amy enjoys working with people across the lifespan from teenagers to adulthood.  Amy presents to her clients in “real” form, making her accessible and relevant to speak with about life’s most personal challenges.  Amy uses cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solutions focused therapy and a significant amount of mindfulness and psychoeducation about the neurobiology of one’s problem to move her clients from experiencing disruptive symptoms to obtaining relief and symptom remission. 

 Amy began working in the field of mental health her freshman year of undergraduate education and has worked steadily in the field since that time.  Armed with a strong background in community mental health and some experience working in the foster care field, Amy entered into the college counseling field in 2005 where she remains today as a Director of Counseling at St. Ambrose University. When she is not working in the mental health field, Amy and her husband spend most of their time riding bikes, taking hikes or traveling with their three boys.  Amy loves being a counselor because, “I get to bear witness every day to people’s courage, personal growth, and resiliency in the face of their greatest fears and challenges.”