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Medication Services

Family Counseling & Psychology Center employs Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs) who assess, diagnose and treat people who have psychiatric and/or addictive disorders. Our Nurse Practitioners are able to independently prescribe psychiatric medication and are also trained in providing counseling services to individuals and families. Our Nurse Practitioners take time to partner with patients to help them achieve their own recovery and wellness goals.

When you meet with one of our Nurse Practitioners, they will first conduct a thorough evaluation. To assist with this assessment, it is helpful to provide the following information:

  • A list of any symptoms you or people close to you have noticed, and for how long.
  • Key personal information, including traumatic events in your past and any current, major stressors.
  • Your medical information, including names of providers, and any other physical or mental health conditions.
  • ¬†Any medications, vitamins, herbal products or other supplements you take, and their dosages.

During your first appointment, you will also be asked questions like: When did you first notice symptoms? What treatment, if any, have you had for mental illness? What have you tried on your own to feel better or to control your symptoms? What things make you feel worse? Have family members or friends commented on your mood or behavior? Do you have blood relatives with a mental illness? Our Nurse Practitioners will specifically ask about any history of seizures, head injuries, eating disorders, and alcohol or substance use as these conditions can directly influence decisions about medication. Because initial appointments include a lot of questions and information gathering, it can be helpful to bring a family member or friend along. Someone who has known you for a long time may be able to share important information with your permission.

Once our Nurse Practitioners have completed a thorough evaluation, they will discuss the diagnosis and make recommendations. If they recommend medication, they will talk to you about specific medications, give information about possible side effects, provide instructions for taking the medication and answer any questions or concerns you may have. They will also discuss the need for counseling and make referrals when necessary.

Family Counseling & Psychology Center also offers pharmacogenomic testing. More and more doctors and hospitals (i.e., The Mayo Clinic) are offering this genetic testing as a way to get more scientific information about which medication will be most beneficial to you. Pharmacogenomic testing analyzes your DNA, the substance which makes up your genes, from a simple cheek swab. The individual genetic differences revealed by this test can then help determine the likelihood that you will have a favorable reaction to a medication, the likelihood of negative side effects of a medication, and the likelihood of potential drug-to-drug interactions. In general, pharmacogenomic testing highlights genetic differences that help us understand how and why some people react differently to a particular medicine than others. When choosing the right medication, pharmacogenomics is one piece of the puzzle. Our Nurse Practitioners will also consider your diagnosis, symptom presentation, your individual and family history, medical information, allergies, compliance issues, and cost in determining your medication. It should be noted that there is no obligation to undergo pharmacogenomic testing. If you decide that this testing is not right for you, our Nurse Practitioners can still assist you in finding a beneficial medication.

Family Counseling & Psychology Center is committed to developing individualized treatment plans to meet your needs and assist you in accomplishing your goals. We want to support you in achieving good health, loving relationships, meaningful activities, and a positive state of mind.