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Stress Relief
By: Andrea Iavarone

Life can be amazing, wonderful and exciting. But it can also be scary, emotional and downright challenging. Both these parts of life cause STRESS. Stress is wear and tear on our bodies. Did you know that there are two types of stress?  The good stress and the bad stress. The good stress leads us to challenge ourselves and helps us to survive life’s exciting moments. It is the stress that challenged you to become the person you are today. The bad stress is the stress that creates the feelings of being overwhelmed. This stress can lead to numerous health struggles and interfere with our daily life.

Quick Tricks for Stress Relief

1.      Disconnect from everything! Noise can amplify stress

This means everything. No phone, no TV, no email.

2.      Allow yourself the space to “freak out” for 15 minutes or so and then schedule yourself some fun!

3.      SMILE. A smile can change brain chemistry creating feelings of happiness.


Other tips for stress relief

1.       Notice your stress and pay attention to how you feel.

2.       Make a list of stressful things.

3.        Notice how your body reacts. Do you tense up, shut down, or feel exhausted?

4.    Take breaks.

5.     Engage in relaxation techniques.

5.     Build up your physical body: Sleep, exercise and a healthy diet go a long way in managing stress.

6.     Finally if necessary seek out professional help.