Family Counseling & Psychology Center
2485 Tech Drive, Bettendorf, IA. 52722
Phone: 563.355.1611 | Fax: 563.355.6617

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110 NW 3rd Avenue

Aledo, IL, 61231

Phone: (309) 582-7233

Fax: (309) 582-5675

  • Individual and Family Counseling services are provided in Aledo, Illinois at the Family Crisis Center located at 110 NW 3rd Ave. The Family Crisis Center is a nonprofit organization that provides many valuable services to the Mercer County area. Please see their website for a list of their services. If you are interested in receiving counseling or psychological services in Aledo, please contact our main office at 563-355-1611 and let the staff know you are interested in being seen at the Aledo office.
  • Counseling services are also provided to children and adolescents at the Mercer County elementary schools, intermediate school, junior high school, and high school. If your child is experiencing emotional or behavioral problems, please contact our main office at 563-355-1611, the Family Crisis Center, or the school counselor and ask about available counseling services.
  • Domestic Violence treatment and anger-management counseling services are provided at the Community Bible Fellowship Church in Aledo, Illinois If you are interested in these services contact our main office at 563-355-1611.